Why Church Resources FREE?

Alive Church’s Vision statement is as follows: Alive Church is a life-changing experience that people are excited about sharing with others. We are a powerful resource for leading people to live more like Jesus and to discover and fulfill their God given purpose. What we do is being reproduced and used by others locally and globally.

The sentence at the end of the vision statement is not meant to be overly confident in ourselves, our strategy, our processes or documentation. We have however spent countless hours searching for church strategy documentation to help us do what we do better. We hope by sharing what we have learned is may help your organization accomplish more for the cause of Christ.

Many organizations have directly contributed to the development our strategy and what you will find on this site. We are so grateful to those that have assisted us in developing a strategy that fits our mission, vision and values and community.

Here are a few Lifechurch.tv Church Leader Insights North Point Community Church Christ’s Church of the Valley

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The church resources on this site are FREE and you are welcome to download and change them to fit your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or clarification.

All we ask is that you do not reproduce any of these documents for sale. The intent of distributing documentation for free is to keep is free for all to use.